This past week I had a brother/sister session with Carly and Colby. I met Carly last semester in speech and oh my goodness, did we have fun in that class! It’s funny how you can meet someone on the first day of class and have deep discussions with them by the next week. Through our many conversations, I found out I graduated with her brother Colby! Thinking about high school (oh, high school…) I realized in my head, I always saw us as friends, but I never really talked to him like I thought I had! Hopefully, he got so see the real me throughout this photo session. ­čÖé

Carly & Colby: I had a blast taking pictures of you two and I hope your mom enjoys them! Oh and for the record I counted 37 mosquito bites… hahaha

Meet Carly…

… and Colby.

Carly, seriously? You are stunning.

Originally, we booked this session specifically for Carly and her guitar so I had to snap a few…


Last week I enjoyed a family session with the Schrimshers. Both Billy and Stephanie’s families have roots in Selden. Needless to say, our families go WAY back! Stephanie contacted me after she saw my family session with ‘mark+kristen+emma’ (who also have Selden roots!) and wanted to book a casual family shoot.┬áBilly, Stephanie, and their boys met me and my mom (she always seems to be around when little ones are involved) at the park. We all tried our hardest to get a smile from Will and Cole, but something else had their attention that day. If you’ve ever been to the city park, you know there are feathery animals wandering near the river… let’s just say we all were entertained by their presence!

Billy and Stephanie: I hope you find some pictures you enjoy!


Here it is, my first EVER engagement session!

Their Story: Maury and Andrew first met at the BSM barn dance. Andrew arrived at the dance with a few friends, Maury also showed up with a close friend; but neither one had a ‘date’ (you already know where this is going). From what I hear, Andrew didn’t even want to go to the dance. His friends somehow managed to get him to go and continued telling him, “You never know, you might meet your future wife!” Little did they know, they were 100% correct! Maury says, “He asked me to dance and we danced every dance together the rest of the night.” So sweet!

The day of the Engagement Session turned out to be cloudy… which was okay until it started raining! Maury & Andrew were up for anything (a photographers dream!) and we continued with the shoot. From the start I knew they would be fun to photograph because 1. These two are cuddlers (a new word!) and 2. They love to laugh! I had fun photographing them and I can’t wait for their December wedding. ­čÖé

Maury and Andrew: Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this special time in your lives. I hope you find some photos you love!


I recently had the pleasure of photographing the Carey family. I am so excited to share these images on my new blog! I have known Mark and Kristen for well… a long time! When I was in jr. high and early high school, they were my youth leaders. I have so many fun memories with these two and now this photo session to add to them.

Mark and Kristen: I hope these images are what you were looking for. Enjoy!

New Blog

Hello blog readers!

As you can see I have moved my blog. Everything here is a little more complicated, but I’m loving what I see. Please bear with me as I try my hardest to learn more about wordpress and give all of you something to enjoy (hopefully!). Thank you so much for visiting Mikka Hill Photography, I hope to work with you in the future!


Last week I had my first ever family session with the Noland Family. Summer contacted me a few weeks ago and I was more than happy to photo this young, fun, adorable family! For those of you who don’t know, Chase and I are cousins and I have known Summer for over 10 years. Hunter will be 1 in September and trust me, you will fall in love with his brown eyes and precious smile! Okay, enough blabbing… enjoy the pictures!

Chase & Summer: I hope you find some you love!

Sarah Beth

When in the presence of a toddler, it is impossible not to smile. In the presence of a toddler, we are able to see how great the small things in life really are: playing with a balloon, singing ‘Jesus Loves Me,’ the joyful sound of laughter, being able to run and jump, and of course, cute little smiles. ­čÖé┬áSarah Beth, with her blonde pigtails, big blue eyes, and china doll lips, is sure to bring a smile to everyone she meets. I truly enjoyed taking pictures of this soon to be BIG sister!

Mike and Emily: I hope you find a few pictures you love. ­čÖé

Chase: Senior

This past Sunday I got to shoot a senior session with my cousin, Chase. Most of our Sundays are spent at Nana and Papa’s house with the Jones crew! Most Sundays we enjoy a fabulous home cooked meal and get to just, well… chill. But this Sunday was different… a GOOD different of course! With the help of Macy and Krista (Chase’s sister), I think we captured the true essence of someone the Jones Family calls “Chaser.”

Molly: Senior

I cannot believe both my sister and Molly are seniors this year. These two have been best friends since I can remember… (we just found out they were in the same Pre-K class)! It has always been Macy & Molly; needless to say, I think of her as a sister. ­čÖé She is a beautiful girl inside and out, I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her.

*Special Thanks to the ‘Brennan Vineyards’ in Comanche. For those of you who have been there, the McCrary House used to belong to Molly’s great grandfather!

Molly: I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!